How can I buy one or more of your paintings?

When you go to the Gallery - each painting is a clickable link that takes you to more information about the piece. This includes my motivation for the painting, its canvas size, medium used (Acrylic or Oil), and the price. A paypal icon takes you directly to the specific artworks purchase process and allows for all of the traditional payment methods.

Each painting is an original work and therefore only one is available in stock.

In the future, I plan to create prints, postcards and greeting cards for expanded purchase options.

How does the artwork get to me?

Once you purchase the Art, you are contacted directly through email and asked how you would like it shipped. The process is therefore your decision, and offers flexibility and control over your shipping budget. The purchaser is 100% responisble for shipping, insurance and payment.

If you would like to explore other methods of payment, or to connect with me regarding custom or consigned works please click the button here ------>